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Waltham, MA

How long has it been since you last went on a vacation just for your soul? That couple of days a year where you get to think only about yourself, sit in quiet or even experience the adrenalin rushing through your veins are priceless. Most of the people we asked haven’t heard or don’t know much about the town we decided to write about and as strange as it may sound, at the end of the article you will realize why Waltham, MA is a town to visit next on your bucket list. There are not many places we wrote about or decided to mention that could be suitable both for living and tourism.

This picturesque, historic town is located in Massachusetts. It is a place where industry gave birth to many innovations that contributed to our economy and global system greatly. Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation is only one of many examples of how Waltham had a great role in American development. It is interesting how it has so many museums and monuments that a couple of days would not be enough to visit them all and get a clear picture of how important Waltham, MA is. In case you are intrigued, get on a plane, book a Waltham MA airport shuttle and settle in some of the city’s hotels.

If you visit it as a tourist, you may expect a lot of different things. Unlike many more popular destinations, Waltham has a wide variety of activities all people can enjoy. For history lovers, there are museums such as The Rose Art Museum where you can see many unusual setups or Plumbing museums which is unusual and worth checking out.

For all outdoors enthusiasts there are many national parks and reservations around it. Prospect Hill Park is practically but so peaceful and calming. Step up your game and check Beaver Brook Reservation out. It is not called that for no reason. Next on your list should be Cat Rock Park where nature is mostly untouched and you can still feel the spirits of our ancestors. Upper Mystic Lake tells a story of its own and it speaks differently to every one of us. Somehow it wakes many emotions up so you should be ready for that visit.

Let us now tell you a couple of sentences as to why Waltham is also a good town to live in. First of all, safety is the most important issue and here you don’t have to worry that much. The community there is so tight that they seem like one big happy family. The School system is yet to be improved but keep in mind the fast-growing industry of Waltham and surrounding areas. The potential is hiding in each corner so seek it and use it well!

What attracted us the most? Breathing with your whole lungs and having that feeling of complete freedom of the mind. Seven days in the closeness of untouched nature and historic time machine dies wonders for the soul. What is your opinion and would you dare to visit?

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