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What to Do & See in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Before you travel to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, it will be a wise decision to first prepare your itinerary. You need to identify places to visit and activities to indulge in. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your trip, be it alone, with your family members or friends. Also you should book your Costa Rica Vacation Rentals and ensure it meets your specific requirements. This region does boast of having varieties of interesting things to cater to the demands of all types of tourists including small children.

Things to do in Tamarindo

  • Playa Tamarindo to enjoy snorkeling and sunset sailing: You can find lots of activities and attractions at Playa Tamarindo. It also boasts of having tropical jungles in the surrounding, exotic bays and white sand beaches. Hence, it is considered to be among Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. There are lots of snorkeling opportunities here. You can come across dolphins, sea turtles, whales and flying fish. You may also avail the sailing dhow and get to experience the beautiful sunset view. Booking the best Tamarindo Vacation Rentals allows you to focus on your trip.
  • River tubing and zipping through forest canopies: Since there are jungles and mountains, a common adventure activity offered here is zip lining. Even old people can take part in this exciting activity. Several canopy tours are offered to derive zip lining adventures. You will be cruising from different mountain and over rivers. The other things to do here is indulge in laid-back river tubing and horseback ride. You can get to see the lush greenery of the dense Costa Rican jungles. You can optimize your adventure by saving money with Costa Rica Vacation Rentals.

  • Volcano Brewing Company: Here, you can get to sample tasty local brows and celebrate the region’s heritage. This company brews local craft beer. You can find a huge beach patio at the bar section that offers unhindered views of the vast Pacific Ocean. You can also watch sunset from here. There is also present an on-site restaurant that serves pork chops, burgers and nachos. You can get everything to prepare food at the kitchen present at the Tamarindo Vacation Rentals.
  • ATV Jungle Tours: Such tours allow you to get to know the interior areas without comprising on your convenience or safety. Several tours are offered that allows you treat those least-travelled paths to have a fulfilling, satisfying adventure. ATVs provide access to small towns, cross small rivers and jungles. You can sight monkeys and different types of birds. You can take the help of the staffs at Costa Rica Vacation Rentals to know where to do the jungle tour booking.

  • Tamarindo Farmer Market: This market offers fresh local produce. Although a small place, it is quite lively selling different types of vegetables and fruits, baked goods, honey, jewelry, leather goods, ice cream, etc. There is a food stall section that promises to introduce tourists to taste Pacific region’s culinary diversity.

You can enhance your travel and enjoy it to the fullest if you can manage to book your choice of Tamarindo Vacation Rentals.

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