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What to pack for Phuket, Thailand

Sun, ocean, palm trees, wild nature, and tasty, sweet cocktails- sounds good or what? Recently we have come back from our vacation and all we have to say is that our tan looks better than ever and we are ready to face any challenges life throws at us! How and what did we do? We finally visited Phuket, a beautiful island in Thailand, the place many people talk about these days!

Phuket was amazing and even though we are experienced travelers, we never found a place such as this one in the world. Sometimes we even thought there was too much pleasure involved and our Phuket resort was a different dimension. Do we want to come back? As soon as possible, please! But, here is the reason why we are writing this article. By now you all have heard why Thailand is a must-visit place and why Phuket is so desirable but has anyone ever talked to you about the necessities you must pack for this trip? No? We thought so which is why this article will be short yet informative.

First of all, bikinis you won’t forget we are pretty sure but since the weather in Phuket and whole Thailand is different than at home, we advise you to bring some linen long sleeve shirts or dresses and your skin will thank you. As much as you love the sun you will have days when you want to go on a field trip at the warmest part of the day and you have nothing appropriate to wear. Don’t thank us, we know that in the rush of preparations you can’t remember it all. Sun creams and moisturizing creams are also cheaper at home so make sure you packed them as well. Long sunbathing and relaxing at the beach are exhausting if your equipment is not right!

Think about your health as well. The food in Phuket is delicious but it is different than at home. Spices are strong and sometimes the water is not just right. Seek your doctor’s advice at home and ask him what necessary medication you need to bring and what to use in what situation. You don’t want to find yourself in a hotel room with a stomach flue just because you were unprepared!

Bring umbrellas from home because as much as the weather is amazing it can also be unpredictable. Once it starts raining umbrellas get expensive which is why it is better to be prepared. It is those little things that make your life easier while on vacation.

Now that we have set your mind on the right track, keep thinking. What else would you need? Can you please share it with us so that we can help others have a stress free vacation, which is the purpose of any vacation out there!

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