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Why People Want More Trips to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard is a great site for spending peaceful and enjoyable vacations, attracting lots of Americans every summer. Though living cost here is quite higher than the rest of the country, rich people do not mind in not being thrifty for visiting this beautiful island again and again. There are several reasons for the huge popularity of this island as a tourist destination, which are discussed below.

The pleasant climate of Martha’s Vineyard is one of the primary causes counting for the popularity of this island. The summer is much cooler than the rest of the country, due to the effect of the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds this land. The rainfall is also moderate throughout the year, making the weather perfect for outdoor activities.

The sandy beaches and rocky coasts all around this island also attract many tourists, who love the view of the ocean while strolling on the seaside and basking in the warm sunlight. Some of these beaches are private properties and thus, tourists need to find a list of beaches where they can visit during their vacation here. The four beaches of Oak Bluffs rank top among the best tourist attractions of Martha’s Vineyard.

The vibrant nature and the architectural beauty of Oak Bluffs is another reason for tourists to visit Martha’s Vineyards repeatedly. This town is a prime part of this island and attracts lots of tourists to have a view of the beautifully designed gingerbread cottages that render a spectacular sight on Grand Illumination Night, celebrated on August 15. Chinese lanterns of different shapes and sizes are lit up all at once around each cottage in the Campground, creating a great view against the backdrop of the darkness of dusk.

Though there are six towns in Martha’s Vineyard, the entire place is marked with a rural environment. This island looks more unique due to its retro look without most of the modern amenities that city life is normally used to. There is no shopping mall here, except a few retail shops from local brands where tourists can fulfill their shopping spree. Food lovers can visit the local eateries to taste some special cuisines of this land.

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity on this island, as lots of fishes are available along the coast. Tourists also love other water sports, like Jet Ski tours, boating, waterskiing, tubing, and parasailing. They can hold family parties on the beaches so that all members can indulge in thrilling water activities and beach games. Many tourists also go hiking through the forests of Tisbury Meadow Preserve. Some may simply opt for cycling through the path on the Beach Road, to get some great views of the sea and surroundings.

Therefore, Martha’s Vineyard is the ideal place for spending vacation for many Americans. It was the favorite site for spending quality family time for US Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, both of whom came here several times for vacations. Many Hollywood actors and famous musicians also visit this island every year, bewitched by the serenity of this place.

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