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Why staying in Airbnb is better than a hotel?

How much do you love to travel and what type of traveler are you? Do you love to wander around into the unknown or do you like stereotypical stuff such as staying in the same hotel one more time? We agree that stress-free vacation is the best one but that adrenalin rush doesn’t always have to be bad! This is why Airbnb stays are a hundred times more exciting that those plain couple of days in a hotel room that is the same as the previous hotel.

Airbnb help can make your stay in any city more comfortable and more exciting. Why is that you ask? There are a couple of simple reasons as to why Airbnb is superior to any hotel out there.

First of all, hotels are not only the same but the atmosphere is all but homelike. All the rooms are the same, the staff is so strict and not that friendly and you have a feeling like it lacks personality! If, on the other hand, you choose to stay in an Airbnb rental you will get that homey vibe. The warmness of someone’s home is more special than any hotel lobby, wouldn’t you agree?

To all of us working people, price is important. In most cases, Airbnb is cheaper and for the price of one hotel room per night, you sometimes can get the whole stay in an Airbnb rental. And this is great quality included!

Airbnb has powerful community support. Whenever you need help, whether with booking a place or resolving an issue during your stay — you can ask for Airbnb assistance and you’ll get an answer within a minute.

If you want to experience life in a different city as a local, rent a place from the person living there. If you are lucky (and you will be), your host will join your adventure and help you explore the unknown. There is not a hotel that can offer you such a service because that is the industry and it is meant to serve hundreds of people at once whereas your Airbnb host is dedicated to you only.

Fees and required minimum stays for the Airbnb are not as regulated or strict as in hotels. Airbnb hosts often rely on their homes as the main source of income so they are mostly flexible. Unexpected changes do happen so you need to have a flexible type of accommodation.

A family trip is much more pleasant and comfortable if you go with the Airbnb. It is safer for the children and you can always filter the properties with features your children require. Space and amenities are not that children-friendly in a hotel and in most Airbnb properties even pets are allowed.

If these reasons are not enough you can help us by letting us know what your experience was and why do you like staying in an Airbnb rather than in a hotel?

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