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Why you should visit Budapest in 2020?

When was the last time you read a great travel article? Like real good, with no excessive information where you just enjoyed the text? Well, this one is going to be light, easy to read that we are sure you will recommend it to your friends. Europe is the queen of continents, wouldn’t you agree? There are countless European cities that just glow with special energy and have such a rich history. But, one stood out for us with peace and something else we could not yet identify. It was Budapest, the capital city of Hungary!

In this short article, we will try to explain why it left such a strong impression on us so we will begin with the vibe of the main Vàci street. It is a huge pedestrian zone with lots of stores, restaurants, and museums. Everywhere you look you can see national colors and people who smile at you. There was one situation near this gelateria where we bought some ice cream. As we were eating one of the best icecreams ever some fell on my shirt and a man that worked in a restaurant nearby, who clearly didn’t speak English, came to me, gave me a napkin and said he was sorry! Correct us if we are wrong, but we did not come across such a polite nation!

The Danube flows through Budapest and it is one of the gems of the city. Near the riverbank, there are many boats and you can always ask around for a ride with dinner and a drink. Sometimes there are even parties being organized with extra security.

Many museums and buildings worth visiting are all around and all info Budapest is hiding can be uncovered in local tourist agencies. Don’t be bothered by the fact that you probably won’t be able to see all you wanted in one visit. If you manage to make some friends while visiting this amazing city you will always have an extra opportunity to come and visit what you previously missed.

We are afraid to start telling you about the food in Hungary. It is warm, delicious, spicy, and made with love! Many spices like paprika in thousand ways can be found in local shops and it is what makes their dishes so unique. But it is like this, either you like it or you hate it! I think you can see where we are at with their food!

You remember at the beginning of this article how we said there is something else we couldn’t identify that made Budapest special? Well, we hope you will be the one to help us find that weird thing out so we can finally sleep better!

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